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Liberty Water USA is headquartered in the former Coca Cola bottling plant located in Hinesville (Liberty Country), Georgia.  

Liberty County, Georgia has a proud heritage of patriots to include two signers of the Declaration of Independence (Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett), two generals of the America Revolutionary War (James Screven and Daniel Stewart), one President of the United States (Theodore Roosevelt, descendent of Daniel Stewart), and the wife of another President (Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, granddaughter of Rev. I. S. K. Axson). 

Liberty County is also home to the Third Infantry Division.  The 3rd Infantry Division is the only division of the U.S. Army during World War II that fought the Axis on all European fronts and was among the first American combat units to engage in offensive ground combat operations. Audie Murphy, the most highly decorated American soldier of the war, served with the 3rd Division.

Liberty County is also home to the Dorchester Academy.  Established by the American Missionary Association in 1870, Dorchester Academy became the first place of education for newly freed slaves in Liberty County. Physical freedom had been granted and Dorchester’s mission was to grant freedom of the mind. The school flourished and by 1903, enrollment was above 450.

Although the school closed in 1940, it continued to be a source of education, as it functioned as the primary site of the Citizenship Education Program, sponsored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It would go on to be an especially important site for the planning meetings for “Project C”, the March on Birmingham. Dr. King, along with other Civil Rights activists including Andrew Young, Dr. Ralph Abernathy and Septima Clark coordinated their efforts using Dorchester Academy as a base of operations.

Liberty Water is proud to call Liberty County, Georgia home.  It is our mission to quench the thirst of freedom loving Americans across our beautiful country while offering quick access via our bottles to historic documents and writings of founders, patriots, and civil rights leaders.

Filtration Process

Water has different types of impurity (pathological organisms, chemical and chlorine). Our proprietary purification and filtration process removes all impurity in our water.

100% Chlorine Free Spring Water

Using our latest technology we clean water and remove chemicals at our first stage to purify our 100% spring water.

Sub-Micron Filtration

All the pathological organisms which cause serious damage to our health are filtered out to .2 microns.

Purified By Ozination & Ultraviolet Light

Our Ozone and UV Water Purifiers have a simplistic yet powerful purification process and the UV Rays kill 99.99% of the germs present in the water.